Let's work together to make our new school even better!

OurNewSchool brings together a whole variety of people to learn, share thoughts, discover opportunities and come up with new ideas to improve people's experiences of being at school. OurNewSchool is happening this year at Walker Technology College. With the support of designers and other experts - students, staff and people from the wider school community will explore how to change the ways things work and collaborate to design and try out solutions.

OurNewSchool happens when people work together and have ideas. It doesn't begin with any answers. Instead, it starts with a way of working that allows everybody to have a say and to wrestle with some of the real challenges of making a school work well. Interested? If you'd like to get involved as a collaborator or have another interest in the project at Walker please get in touch:

Email us: [email protected]

Why is OurNewSchool happening at Walker Technology College? Walker Technology College is one of the first schools in England to receive money from the government's Building Schools for the Future project to improve and upgrade its buildings over the next three years. With this opportunity comes a chance to think about what the school could be like for those who study and work in it, their families and others who live nearby.

OurNewSchool is a chance not just to explore some of the physical spaces of the building but to think about what goes on in school and what helps or prevents things from happening as people would like them to.

Importantly, OurNewSchool is an opportunity to invent and use new ways of working together; to look at a school in different ways, to ask questions about how a school might need to change as its community and the world changes, to have ideas and figure out how to make things happen.