Our New School at Walker - exhibition plans unveiled!

Our New School reveals exhibition plans for Dott 07


Our New School has revealed its proposals for the Design of the Times (Dott 07) exhibition, to take place in the Baltic art gallery and in a temporary building in Baltic Square, on the bank of the Tyne. Walker Technology College had a sneak preview of the plans and will form a major part of the exhibition and the activities within it.

The Our New School exhibition centres around its live learning and designing space, the Lab. Teachers and students young and old from across the region will be invited to participate in workshops aimed at understanding their school and its local community and what we all can do to improve it.

The exhibition will run for two weeks, from Tuesday 16th to Saturday 28th October and will showcase the work done at Walker and its plans for the future. There will be a full programme of talks and activity evenings, publicised to the local community.