What does vocational learning mean to teachers and staff?

We also asked the newly set up BSF challenge team of teachers & staff to tell us about what vocational learning means to them!


"Developing work related and job specific skills that are fit for needs of students and the labour market. Also to develop key skills required by employers for work."

"More related to work and life skills."

"Life skills / Learning in association with trades - real world / Working environment."

"Hairdressing / Building / Decorating / Floristry / Practical skills / More hands on than book work."

"Opportunities for less academic pupils to succeed / Providing a broad, balanced curriculum for all pupils / Developing experiences that would be otherwise not available."

"Real environment / Sensible accomodation / Enjoyable / Worthwhile / Cost effective"

"Identifying employment needs (anticipating trends) / Training young people for work / Developing local enterprise."

"Skills based training for employment / Training as opposed to academic education."